Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back to Work

I was on vacation last week, visiting the lovely S.K. Hart in snowy/rainy/sunny & warm Massachusetts (no joke, we got all of that in one week.)

Salem witches

We visited Salem and Boston and Dunkin' Donuts (which they literally have on every corner.)  My next book, a sort of spinoff of the Chance Assassin series titled The Consequence of High Caliber takes place partially in Boston so it was good to get out and see it.  I was also fortunate enough to visit someone who owns a gloriously nice bathtub which will be used for an upcoming cover (and may or may not have been filled with fake blood) so this was technically a working trip even though I got absolutely no writing done.

What I did get done was re-editing Chance Assassin one final time for the...drumroll please...UPCOMING PRINT ADDITION.  Challenge accepted, Ms. Hart.  Challenge accepted.  Even though you beat me to it.

I'm also working on getting The Consequence of High Caliber out on ebook soon, so look for more information on that in the upcoming weeks.  Until then, I am back to work on Chance Assassin #3 which I'll be shooting for release next year.


  1. Very glamorous! Like two girls incognito out causing trouble. I think Frank's left a few bathtubs in a similar state. He'd be proud.

    Anxious for the new work, and congrats on the print book :)

    1. Thanks so much. There wasn't too much trouble to be had although we may have stolen candy from children on Halloween...I think Vincent would be proud of that.

  2. V would have helped you. But then Frank would have had to spank him o.o