Sunday, May 5, 2013


So it's been awhile since I posted here.  I'd say it was one part procrastination, one part being busy working on the sequel to Chance Assassin, and about 6 parts of me being not very interesting.

I get that some people use social media to update the masses on each sneeze (actually, I don't.  I don't understand that at all.  Why do people do that?  Does anyone care?) but that's not me.  I started this wournal (I refuse to call it a blog because blog is a revolting word) to drum up some interest for my book, and as a way to connect with people who are interested in my writing.  I do try to update on a weekly basis, but alas, my hermit life is not very noteworthy.

                  For anyone who's interested, this is what I've been up to:

My tax day giveaway on went extremely well.  I honestly didn't have very high expectations, but even if I had medium expectations, those expectations would've been blown out of the water.  Thank you to everyone who picked up a copy, and to those who did a bit of advertising on my behalf from their websites or from goodreads!

The sequel.  Chance Assassin was my first book, but that's not to say I wasn't working on other things while writing it.  The events of the sequel were already written in the stars so to speak, and I hope to have it out next year.  It takes place a few years later, and ***spoiler alert*** mostly in France.  It's larger in scope than Chance Assassin, and isn't completely in our previous not-so-humble narrator Vincent's point of view.

So there you have it.  Sorry for the delayed post.  I'll try to update more regularly in the future.

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