Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year and a New Page

I'm a little late on this (completely missed a Christmas post, so happy belated Christmas and happy New Year's to everyone) but I have a little something special to introduce, and an update on the sequel.

Chance Assassin started out as a series of hits rather than a novel, and while it was definitely full of lots of murder, some of the hits weren't included because they weren't needed for plot purposes.  There are also some hits that I've written afterward, and will hopefully continue to write, since that time in their relationship was so much fun for me.  I was planning on doing a sort of 0.5 companion book to Chance Assassin, but I don't really have enough of them so far to put together a real compilation.  So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce a new section of my blog.  It's called Greatest Hits, and will include those little jobs that didn't make the final cut but still take place somewhere between the beginning and end of Chance Assassin.  You can read them here, and they'll be updated whenever I can manage.

On to other things, and the main reason I don't have a ton of time to work on V.5:  Les Recidivists. 
For those who follow my blog, you'll likely be aware that Les Recidivists is the upcoming sequel to Chance Assassin.  It's been in the works for some time, and should soon be entering the heavy editing stage.  It's a bit of a departure from the first book, and a huge departure for me, as it's told in multiple points of view.

Chance Assassin was Vincent's story, and Frank's, but there's a lot going on in Les Recidivists which can't be seen exclusively through V's eyes.  It was definitely a struggle to get the story told, but I'm hoping that readers who enjoyed Chance Assassin will come along for the ride.

This is the unofficial blurb so far:

Two years after the events of Chance Assassin, Frank and Vincent are living in France, struggling with retirement.  And with each other.  When someone from Frank's past shows up and threatens to bring his personal and professional lives together with a bang, it's up to them to find out who ordered the hit and take them out first.  Things may not be what they seem, but they may be exactly what Frank and Vincent need.

I will keep everyone posted with any new updates, as well as any new V.5 hits.  Happy reading, and happy 2014!


  1. I'd really like to buy an epub version of Chance Assassin but I've been unable to locate it. Could you please tell me from where I can buy it. I don't use Amazon as my e-reader is not a Kindle.

    1. Hi, bodleian! It's available on as well, and I think you can download Kindle apps to read that format on most e-readers but if you need a completely different format (and you're comfortable doing so) please respond with your email address and we'll work something out. Your email won't be published on my blog.
      Nicole Castle

  2. Nicole, this is all fantastic news. I've been waiting patiently (which is hard for me) and won't push...but hurry ;) I hope edits go smoothly and we'll be reading some fun and dangerous Vincent and Frank action soon. I miss 'em :D Thanks for the update.

  3. You're very welcome! Les Recidivists will be out this spring if all goes according to plan.

  4. How exciting - I can't wait for Les Recidivists, and thank you for the "Hits!"

  5. It was my pleasure! I'm hoping to put more out soon.

  6. Love, love, LOVE the hits! Keep em coming Nicole. And what Lisa said ...we won't push, but hurry :)