Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Consequence of High Caliber

As December speeds by I find myself remembering to do all the little things I've forgotten (don't even get me started on the status of my Christmas shopping list) but here it is.  In a week (12/13/2014 to be specific) I'll be releasing my latest book, The Consequence of High Caliber.  I haven't talked much about it yet, mostly because the end of this year has been barreling towards me at an alarming rate, but to carry on tradition I wanted to do my cover release along with the high-quality (read: low-quality) drawing I made to show my far more artistically inclined photographer what I was looking for.

Ta Da!

Covers are a huge part of the publishing process for self-pubs.  We have the freedom to do what we want instead of a publisher making that decision for us, but we also have to go at it with a sense of adventure and in my case, a handful of friends.  This was a really fun experience for me since I got to be part of the splattering of fake blood (mixed up in my very own kitchen) and a really confusing experience for the employees of one hardware store and one lumber store who had to deal with me trying to explain that I needed rough plywood for an "art project."  I didn't mention the part about splattering it with blood.

As promised, here is the original drawing by yours truly.


  1. Your original should definitively be framed, hanged and lighted. It's very special and so perfect for this book. I love indie-covers, they always speak more to the story. Well done :)

    1. Aw, thanks. The actual cover may be framed, but I'm not so sure about the original.