Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Time for Reading the Fine Print

As some of you know, I did a post-Valentine's Day sale a few weeks ago.  There's this cool new program with Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon.com that lets you do countdown deals, and I wanted to try it out.  The countdown program is only available on the .com and .co.uk sites, but I figured I would just manually change the prices on the other sites as well...and there lies the rub.  Apparently you can't change pricing for 48 hours beforehand and 2 weeks after a countdown deal, even in other markets.  So I'm an idiot and I apologize to my European, Canadian, and Australian readers who weren't able to take advantage of the sale.  You can now.  In those markets all three of my books will be 0.99 for the next few days.  Let's call it the Nicole Castle will never be a lawyer sale.

Happy reading, even if you're reading fine print.  :)

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