Thursday, December 17, 2015

Here's to 2016

I'm really awful about updating this blog in anything resembling a timely fashion so I'm going to just skip right over the last two weeks of this year and do a New Year's post instead.  See?  Now I'm early!

I published two books this year (The Result of a Straight Razor and The Inauspicious List) and finally got Chance Assassin in paperback, I begrudgingly joined Facebook (but don't think for a second that I'm any better at updating that than I am this blog) so I'm going to pretend those were last year's New Year's resolutions lest I admit that I didn't actually succeed in keeping any of my real resolutions.

Here are my resolutions (that I can probably keep) for 2016:

Publish the third Mako Shark book, of which I already have a full first draft, an idea for a cover and the means to implement it, and no official title as of yet.

Finish writing the fourth and likely final Chance Assassin book, of which I have an idea for a plot and basically nothing else.

Get the rest of my books in print.

And since tradition says that I need to break at least one of these: eat less cake.

There you go.  2016.  Nailed it.

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