Sunday, September 15, 2013

Misery Loves...Family Flaws

Do you remember a time when vampires didn't sparkle?  Yeah, I do too.  Even though glittering in the sun took away some credibility (okay, okay, a TON of credibility...make that ALL credibility) at least it was something new in the vampire genre.  Ladies and gentlemen of the supernatural-loving variety, you are in for a bloody treat.
Family Flaws has got love and loss, vampires and demons, and enough twists and turns to make your head spin a la Linda Blair.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hide under the bed with all the lights on.  And when the sun finally comes up and you think it's safe to venture out, you'll still be calling in to work with your best faux sick voice, so you can stay home and keep reading.  Under the bed.

Isn't it pretty?  Hewitt Photography strikes again

For the soldiers of SAINT, going to war is more than a struggle for land or power; it’s a fight between good and evil. Theirs is a life spent on the fringes of a society oblivious to the horrors of the darkness. With no family apart from their brothers and sisters borne of battle, their bonds are as indestructible as the blood ties they left behind.

On the night of the Ritz’ven Massacre, Peter Stone lost everything. The centuries-old spell should have granted the vampires in his Clan immunity from every weakness: sunlight, silver, and holy items. Instead it left him cursed to an eternity alone.

Aidan James has seen monsters. He was raised by one. Trying to survive is all he can manage for himself most days, but for the last of his family, for Cote, he cannot surrender. Little does he know, survival is about to get much more difficult for them both. And for everyone else around them.

Death is relative. Family is forever.

Family Flaws


Full disclosure, this is my sister's book.  However, even if we weren't related, I would still be raving about Family Flaws.  Growing up, she was always the writer in the family.  And for good reason.  I quite humbly bow down to her.  My book doesn't hold a tiny little half-melted tea candle to Family Flaws (and I don't just mean in length...this one is a bible, and every single page is delightful.)  If she wasn't my sister, I may have to save up my money and have her killed.


  1. Oh, what a wonderful sister I have! I only hope to live up to your rave review. :)