Monday, January 12, 2015

For the coming year

2014 was a rough year for me in many ways, but I did take some time to look back at a few of the positive things:

I published two books last year, which is awesome if I do say so myself

I had a lovely vacation to see a friend who I never would've met without the power of the internet, and I've met several more the same way *cue hugs and sappy music*

And most of all, I survived the various personal setbacks and I think I'm a stronger person because of it.

So here's to 2015.  I have full first drafts for both The Inauspicious List (Chance Assassin #3) and The Result of a Straight Razor (Mako Shark #2) and at this rate, who knows?  Maybe I can get beat my record and get three books out this year.

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